Balance, and going with the flow

Sometimes life/the universe intervenes to give us exactly what we need, even when we didn’t know what that might be.

Last Friday, my support workers pushed me down and up the hill to my local station to catch the train to our Knitting Nannas gathering in the city.

We’d checked the trip planner app, which told us everything was fine.

But – the lift was out of order. 

Oops! No wheelchair access. And, as it turned out, all the station lifts on my line were out of commission. What to do?

No point driving in, as there is no viable parking for us near Martin Place.

And anyway, I was soooo fatigued.

While my manuscript is with the structural editor, I’m fulfilling my commitment to our collective by proofreading (very slowly) for another Pilyara Press author. And I also have my NDIS plan and funding review coming up, which requires lots of assessments, questionnaires, recommendations and reports from the professionals who do such a great job helping me keep my life on track.

‘I just want to go for a country drive,’ I wailed.

By the time Daniel and Sioney had pushed me back down and up the hill, we’d decided on a trip to Balmoral beach.

That involved transfers from wheelchair to car/car to wheelchair, dismantling and reassembling wheelchair etc, all carried out with care, patience and good humour by my wonderful team. (Nothing happens quickly in the world of wheelchair using – not for me, anyway, as I’m unable to self-propel or to use a powered wheelchair.)

But oh, the bliss of being by the water! 

And the special treats at Balmoral of glorious old trees, soft green lawns, relaxed people strolling along the boardwalk or chatting over coffee.

By the time we arrived home, my body needed help getting back onto the bed, but my heart and soul were brimming with joy.

And for days afterwards, my fatigue has been reduced.

Major reminder: time spent in nature is excellent medicine.

I had let my life slip out of balance.

Now, outings into nature are firmly back on my list of commitments.

And my support workers know to nudge me if I forget.

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