Eight precious years

Celebrating eight years today since I had my first stroke. And feeling deep gratitude for every day of those eight years ā€“ even the tough ones.

Yes, there have been more strokes. And many challenges on every level. 

But there has been so much love, joy, delight and wonderment as well.

I celebrate all of it ā€“ because Iā€™m still here, increasingly engaging with life outside my cave (aka my bedroom).

Through it all, the force that has kept me going is love, particularly the abiding love I share with my wonderful children, Sam and Annie. I have been granted the gift of spending extra time with them and their partners, Sarah and Matt; watching all of them mature into strong, empathetic, ethical adults living productive, happy lives. I am so deeply grateful that I am still here with them.

And deeply grateful for the NDIS support which has allowed me to maintain my independence and, against the odds, reengage with rich and rewarding aspects of my life: going out into the community and into nature; being a member of Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends; and preparing my novel for publication.

Love, gratitude and deep acceptance are powerful forces. May I be granted many more days, many more years to practise them.

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